Thoughts #1 2022

Hello everybody

It has been a while but now back again. many things have happened and many things have not happened… but here we are in 2022 and things are falling place and some things don’t fall in

I had some months off on my blog … and have not forgotten yet no  time to continue to write.  You could call it a creative break and continuous investigation and study of what  needs to be told to this community, that is is interested on Educational matters and ideas, thoughtt and eventual Solutions. because this is primarily what we’re looking for… solutions….

One of the main questions I have encountered were…

 in what way can we use education to help these children to become critical  thinkers and solution seekers that we are looking for…  it is pretty hard to do so indeed, because outside factors always interfere with what we would like to do,  … 

so what are the right techniques and what are the constructive manners that  we will and can provide, use and apply in  this society, the future Society, teaching  the skills and tools that are needed in order to make the right decisions and find constructive solutions to appearing problems on an ongoing basis….?


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