Thoughts #2 2022

There we go, time goes by and after the pandemic, we have to ‘deal’ with the war in the Ukraine. Wondersome… In education we always talk about interrelationships … between subjects, people or topics… Actually, we’d likeit to be ‘the reality’, because that is how life, people should interact, work or create together. … innit? Now based upon that, looking at world politics… could there be a ‘possible connection’ too? wondersome… anyway, thoughts, that come across… It is all very strange, some say we are already in the third world war, some talk about the ‘great reset’ and others do have theories of a sort of ‘illuminati’ going on… and/or is it all about the money? maybe it is… nevertheless, the big E. Musk is anyway able to buy Twitter… or isn’t he? Will he then be able to share his thoughts on a constant basis? … I guess…

Just thoughts,… yet I also hope that that war will come to an end as soon as possible… or is the tthe new ‘status quo? maybe it is… I guess consumption needs to become less, less in all areas…maybe that would help to limit the divertion into a wrong direction… somehow we all need to do something…

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