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Thoughts #2 2022

There we go, time goes by and after the pandemic, we have to ‘deal’ with the war in the Ukraine. Wondersome… In education we always talk about interrelationships … between subjects, people or topics… Actually, we’d likeit to be ‘the reality’, because that is how life, people should interact, work or create together. … innit? Now based upon that, looking at world politics… could there be a ‘possible connection’ too? wondersome… anyway, thoughts, that come across… It is all very strange, some say we are already in the third world war, some talk about the ‘great reset’ and others do have theories of a sort of ‘illuminati’ going on… and/or is it all about the money? maybe it is… nevertheless, the big E. Musk is anyway able to buy Twitter… or isn’t he? Will he then be able to share his thoughts on a constant basis? … I guess…

Just thoughts,… yet I also hope that that war will come to an end as soon as possible… or is the tthe new ‘status quo? maybe it is… I guess consumption needs to become less, less in all areas…maybe that would help to limit the divertion into a wrong direction… somehow we all need to do something…

Thoughts #1 2022

Hello everybody

It has been a while but now back again. many things have happened and many things have not happened… but here we are in 2022 and things are falling place and some things don’t fall in place.place.

I had some months off on my blog … and have not forgotten yet no  time to continue to write.  You could call it a creative break and continuous investigation and study of what  needs to be told to this community, that is is interested on Educational matters and ideas, thoughtt and eventual Solutions. because this is primarily what we’re looking for… solutions….

One of the main questions I have encountered were…

 in what way can we use education to help these children to become critical  thinkers and solution seekers that we are looking for…  it is pretty hard to do so indeed, because outside factors always interfere with what we would like to do,  … 

so what are the right techniques and what are the constructive manners that  we will and can provide, use and apply in  this society, the future Society, teaching  the skills and tools that are needed in order to make the right decisions and find constructive solutions to appearing problems on an ongoing basis….?



At any age, that is right, but what is it, the role and what is it the responsibility? Let’s look at the role…

The role is the way one has to, needs to is allowed to and has the right to act within his or her society, also environment. It is you given right, to be what you are. If you are a 3 year old, or a two year old, who starts to explore the environment (often simplified as terrible 2’s), that is the given right of the child to do so,…

That needs to be respected, allowed and supported… (some people might sigh, and roll their eyes, nevertheless. ) , that is a law of nature, that you will find throughout the different stages in the life of a child ( In Montessori terms defined as the four planes of development).

The role of a child is to be a child. AND within a prepared environment, this role will be and actually is supported to flourish according to the needs of the child. At any state of the child’s development, the environment needs to be prepared, for that the child has a full support.

That will allow the child to full fill it’s role. (preparation to become a member of society)

All this will help to develop internal and eternal order. Order that helps the child to become a critical thinker and decision maker. He/she will be able to identify relationships and patterns. Patterns that help to think logical.

So if we as adults respect the role of the child, at ay stage of its development, we help in the right direction.

That will then bring us to the responsibility.

This is linked to the behaviour. Obedience (Montessori elaborated that within the three levels of obedience).

Also, children need to be responsible towards themselves, the others, and the environment. This is a process that can take a bit of time (sometimes a lifetime).

Once they are allowed to be, be the role that they can, need and are allowed to be, they have the time and space to learn their responsibilities.

The environment, the prepared environment does help to support this development.

Therefore, once the child is allowed to define its role, the responsibility is   a logical conclusion.


Back to the prepared environment… It is the key, the beginning and educational opportunity to introduce these two aspects of ‘role and responsibility’. If that aspect, the environment is prepared, for that the child, (starting at early ages, from birth to adolescent) .

If the role and responsibility is introduced through a prepared environment, that the chid is able to make the right decisions, play an important part in that ‘society’, to do the right thing is a given, explained b y itself.

The environment sets the limits, the environment defines your role.

The role of being a careful, helpful and collaborative member of the environment.

The environment sets the guidelines (external order, what leads to internal order, … but that’s a topic for later) , the environment defines your responsibility.

( Look at yourself, you are the/an adult, of course there are some who like or better do not care about a messy state in the house/apartment. BUT, deep down, there is always the/a restless and uncomfortable feeling… that can be a disorder, the hoarding disorder, also known as compulsive hoarding disorder what is characterised by the excessive acquisition of and/or the inability or unwillingness to dispose large quantities or objects).

But let’s not elaborate that right now.

The prepared environment helps a/the child to establish order. Order is  “Maria Montessori said: … nature endows a child with a sensitiveness to order. It is a kind of inner sense that distinguishes the relationships between various objects rather than te objects themselves. … Such an environment provides the foundation for an integrated life.”  The Secret of Childhood.

So we can help the child to establish in internal order, that then (hopefully) will translate to an external order. What can/will help to make the right decisions, identify relationships, help to create a harmonious society.

(Important is, to NOT confuse the role and responsibility with RULES. That is something else. That is the invention of mankind to help the confused. Unfortunate yet necessary…)

How to help the children… be a good, positive and ‘true to yourself’ role model, let the children reflect, ask constructive questions and don’t be judgemental but critical.

Help the children to become critical thinkers, … as simple as showing them hgat every coin has two sides…

Help them to define their role in this/their society/environment (the older the more verbal), help the to define their responsibility in this/their society (the older the more verbal), BUT you are the example, be a positive one, forelive what is right, don’t be cross when mistakes are made, help them to find the right solution, be there for them (at any age).


Time flies, doesn’t it… Already end of June 2021.  A lot has happened, what is good and also wondersome (at times), but if it wouldn’t, life would be a dull and boring state of being (and between us, we all had nothing to talk about, innit?).

Friends and family, all had their first vaccination, some with more some with less side effects, nobody had no major issues, all good. The wheel of virus continues to turn, the unknown still lingering above our heads. But, for now, a bit of a breathing moment, hopefully as long as possible.

Nevertheless, y’all shall be careful.

At the moment I am thinking a lot about “role and responsibility”. Actually on both levels, adults and children. Obviously, for adults the concept is much more comprehensible, than for children, yet, that can be adapted to the different age ranges.

I had interesting discussions with adults and children, what exactly the difference between role and responsibility is. These two terms are very much related, like cousins but are far apart like acquaintances.

Each one of us has a role, each one of us has a responsibility.  We agree, right?

I find it important that that is talked about, reflected upon and hence applied accordingly.

We all have a role in our society, … what is your/the role, and what is your/the responsibility in your/our/the society. (Think about it) Is it really clear and also, what does one stand up for…?

Even for children, (again according to age ), let’s now talk abour 12+ , this is an important point to bring to their attention. It is the prepared environment that will bring these/this point to an unconscious or even conscious level depending on the child’s maturity.

Food forthought…

..to be continued …

MAY 21 #1

Middle of May it is. Guess what, I have gotten my Vaccination appointment, next week, so all is fine, I will see what that will be like… anyway, step one of that process.

Previously I spoke about the virus and have left a question mark with metabolism. Here the answer (from my friend) “ Metabolism is a biochemical reaction that takes place in the cells of the body. It answers to the need of the body towards any/all the moments for 24 hours. It keeps the body functioning, maintaining the balance that is needed. (homeostasis)”.

I have rediscovered my archives, and have added them in form of a category dropdown menu at the bottom of the blog, in case you are interested, it is a lot about Montessori theory and thoughts from the past, FYI…

Coming back to the vaccination topic. What I do not understand is why people, adults, doctors, politicians, are so keen on getting our children from 12 to 18 vaccinated? Is that necessary? Is the population from 18+ not sufficient?

I am interested in thoughts.

I have the impression that that, will be or better is a simple money-making scenario. I agree with the (us elderly) but the upcoming future? As far as I have understood, they are not really affected, and yes, they are transporters, hence can infect others, us elderly, and that can cause a problem, BUT since we all are vaccinated, (well, we will be, and some do not want to be anyway) there should not be the need to pump up the younger ones too.

What’s next? We will vaccinate 6 to 12? 3 to 6?

Anyway…, just wondering where all of that will lead to.

We should rather focus on making them into critical thinkers, responsible decision makers to avoid further unnecessary ‘pandemics’ based upon a utter care free behaviour and life style. I guess that would be much more beneficial than pumping them up with drugs.

All that might not have been … and to continuously blame it on a bat, which couldn’t care less about us humans is absolutely lame.

But who am I and what do I know…?

APRIL 21 #2

Here we are again, … I have received some additional information regarding the statement/question of “Because in a sense, it is a living organism too?”

A friend of mine, a biologist, gave me the following explanation/thought or reasoning. Maybe that is helpful information, because it lays it out in an understandable manner… I think… Here it is. FYI…
“A Virus is not a living organism.

Living organisms do reproduce, yet a virus need other living organisms, hence cells to be able to ” reproduce”;It  depends on other living organisms to ” reproduce” and therefore is incapable to do it by itself as an entity, even lacking a metabolism. (what is as metabolism?)and therefore also depending on other cells.

A virus is NOT a cell yet a kind of ” zombie”.  

It makes the host cells produce what it needs. They use, or even better, abuse the reproductive mechanism of a cell to MAKE reproduce their DNA.

In this way, the virus reproduces consciously in a fast manner.

Of course, during such ” copy making” activity, errors can happen and genetic codes might change.

Those  new results, that then are than able to enter into new cells, able to bypass eisting immunity systems, reactions or even vaccines, will infect  people, and occupy millions of NEW cells, as their hosts.

 Being so successful is one of the reasons, why it is so difficult to combat viruses. They reproduce fast, changing genetic codes in order to spread out to the utmost possible.

From that point of view, they play an important role in the evolution of cells and organisms, hence living organism.”

Anyway, It sums it up … simplified … but all in all, that’s off the record.

In my case, I am still waiing for my vaccination. I guess it’ll happen in the next weeks. Even though, being one of the lucky fellows to be “blessed” with Multiple Sclerosis, until now, the actual fact of being in the high-risk category is not at all a reason for the doctors here to give you a little priority. One might wonder why, because there are many many many, that are also considered in the high-risk category, I agree, nevertheless, as I was told, high risk is definable, negotiable and in that moment not relevant. Therefore, here, in the state of Vlanderen, Belgium, all based on the order of age. It is what it is.

All was, is good until know, and I guess that it will be further on, but deep down it bothers me.

 Solidarity is questionable, but again, everybody has his or her own baggage to carry, some is heavier, some is lighter. One thing is sure though, I would not want to change it. Not for anything in the world, to carry someone else’s baggage.

So time will bring the ‘solution’ or better vaccination, patience is demanded and as it was done until now, being careful and protect one self. (in that case, myself 😊)

Long story short, as people, scientists say, Corona was ‘made’ to stay, so let’s get used to it and adapt or better arrange and organise ourselves.

Y’all take care of yourself and the others.

Food for Thought