APRIL21 #1

COVID, COVID FUCKING COVID and all its also mutations. Could it also be called evolution? One wonders, and wonders and, yep, no answers. Could one compare the development of this virus to the development of .. us or any other animal? Because in a sense, it is a living organism too? Am I right?? Doesn’t this virus also have the utter Will of survival? And will do anything to survive and make more of themselves? In a way it looks like it… scary, but true…Now we sit here and hope that it actually will come to an end. A month ago it seemed like it, spring has sprung, (even though, it feels like t doesn’t get warmer) and that virus will slowly start to disappear…BUT, NO, it decides to mutate and just changes its way of being… hence, evolution, become stronger, more powerful?? I generally just hope that we, us humans will be able to overcome that phase, moment or(do we need to call it) adaptation.  (to be continued)


What does it mean to reflect? Reflection is an image that you can see in a mirror or in glass or water. So in a way, you mirror your thoughts, within your inner mirror, glass or water.  Isn’t it? You reflect, think, and contemplate. Maybe that is or better should be done much more. Stay, be and act humble… That is only possible when performing the right amount of reflection.

Somehow it feels like that it will come to an end (or is this only wishful thinking)

… this strange situation, … that … “where does that come from” virus,… apparently given to us by nature, a nature’s experiment? or flaw?

Is it nature that has decided to give that to humankind, to give us that type of challenge? OR Is it humankind that gave this challenge to its own kind? Questions after questions and so far, no answers.

Well, one answer to the problem is the vaccination(s). I hope that that will work, next to a respectful and humble behaviour that should be a normality . Without that, nothing will work. Entitled and selfish we are, always looking for the greener grass.

It sounds very pessimistic, rather negative indeed, but being happy and comfortable is important, and obviously in our nature and therefore is the thought and idea of all of humanity to be happy and joyful… nevertheless, blood is thicker and kin the certainty of continuation… Hence, humility is often placed in the second row.

What, to be honest, is understandable but could by times be reflected upon more profoundly.






But what is a new normal? What do we understand as normal? One year ago, it started that this new reality has become a big part in every ones life.

So before was normal?

Or have we ,us humans overstretched, saturated our possibilities and hence abilities? Now all came to a stop or simply slowed down…

… time to reflect?

Maybe some took that opportunity to do so, maybe some rethought the need of an exhausted and entitled lifestyle. Who knows, we will see once this situation is declared as over.

But will it be ever?

Maybe that is the new normal… Maybe the mask, that was always eye-balled with a grin, when seen in Asian counties, will be accepted as a new normal, a new reality and precociousness in our daily life. Maybe people will start to live more conscious and more aware of their actions, balance their needs more selective and become more critical about themselves and then their society around.

The new normal could be to not exhaust what we have and to not take it all for granted.

This is a unique opportunity to educate and help our children to understand the necessity of being there for each other. As we say, you need to take care of yourself, the others, and your environment.

Maybe all this, this situation will bring it to a larger consciousness within our new, yet to be adults that hopefully will look back at this moment intime and can say to have learnt from this, to make the right decisions in the future.


New year, new adventures, new and old challenges.The whole world is confronted wita new and different reality, a realty only Hollywood has run up and down their vivid imagination. Who would have thought?… There were the wars, the natural catastrophes and now, the virus that keeps everyone on their toes. Fear, of the known yet unknown is directing the worlds populations’ daily, weekly, monthly, and it looks a lot like yearly life. Educators, parents, and anybody that is involved in education faces a out of the ‘comfort-zone’ situation. I always wonder what would have been done 20 years ago, even 10 when the digital world was not yet as developed as it is now. OK, skype, could, would have been an option, but…? Even the amount of data that is used, would not have been any option 20 or 10 years ago.

Anyway, it is what it is and one goes along and does his or her best. I guess we need to be honest and include this reality in our future way of being. Hopefully the vaccinations will help and the situation will find a more healthy balance and hopefully we can maintain this balance in a regulated and manageable manner.

Time will bring answers, strong will and endurance is important. Overall, we can be happy that we can help our children to continue being educated during these kind of times. I know it is not the ideal scenario but with a positive attitude, it should be possible. So lets hope that it will all come to an end and we can go back to a new normal… based on what we know from the past.








During these times of COVID-19, education is in its most un-usual situation ever exposed to. For all parties, parents, students and teachers, this circumstance is a steep learning curve, that has to have been managed in a short amount of time. What is astonishing, is the sheer fact, that we, as humans can adapt to this kind of situation in a rather fast and consistent manner. We are able to meet he need, that is needed. Being in that position myself, like many of us, I came up with an image, a visual representation of that situation. It is as if you had a car, a car that you always had and were happy to have, using it conveniently, maintaining and taking care of it, so that it is and will be there for you, during all and every day. But now, one of the wheels ‘fell’ off, and out of four, only three are left. , Unexpected, abrupt and unforeseen. What to do now? As life is by times throwing hurdles in our way we know, that that can happen, agreed. So nevertheless, the spear tire is there, I can exchange, use it for a certain length of time, be a bit upset, disrupted by that situation, but the solution is there, an easy to solve problem, no worries. But now, there is no spear tire, no support and I am confronted with a moment of ‘how will I support my car to continue smoothly’? This is was is happening right now. What will take the place of the fourth wheel? What is supporting the car, for that the journey will continue as smoothly as it was before. One needs to be creative, solutions need to be found and a lot of help and support is needed.

To complete the picture. The fourth wheel is the school environment in case that wasn’t clear. The stability of the school environment breaks away, home situation changes, mentors, teachers and councillors are not as reachable any more as they have been in a normal situation, hence the fourth wheel is missing.

Technology is now needed more than before to keep up a certain normality. Primarily to stay in touch and give, as much as possible the support the children need. Academically but most of all emotionally. They need to know, that even if the fourth wheel is missing at this out-of-the-ordinary moment, we will carve a wheel out of wood, or any other material, just to be sure that the car can continue, even so slowly as slowly can be. It needs to be steady, consistent, and accountable on. It is the feeling of being taken-care-of. That is what is important for the students and also the parents.


You never know…


I was wondering; to what point a teacher can tell a child, student that he/she is disappointed?

Isn’t the ‘disappointment’ the privilege of the parent(s)? To what extend has a teacher the right to use this emotional state of mind to teach children? And most-of all, when is it the right time to use this emotion to set limits? Is it limit setting?  Where s the logic behind that expression?

What is the child supposed to do after that comment? Does the child need to start pleasing the person, teacher to re-gain … what?

I do have tremendous issues with that expression towards children that are with you, being taught and helped to build up their knowledge and confidence.

Don’t we all agree that we are there to support them through their mistakes? How do I, or does one help the child by using that emotional state of disappointment? I really don’t understand.

I hope that teachers all over the world do not use this expression. You are there to guide, support and help to classify their doings, hence mistakes.

As a parent, ok, you can or could be disappointed, depending on the situation of course. But as a teacher?

As a definition, it says, … sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one’s hopes or expectations.

Questions: As a teacher you should always help the child to be successful . The older the more they shall take care of themselves, but at no time, they should only please you, they should please themselves. That is creating strength and self-confidence.

As we know, we learn and learned through our mistakes. Why take away that part of learning by using disappointment as tool of teaching?

Some food for thought.