Cosmic Education

Dr.Monessori said:

“In this intellectual period the child’s questions are immunerable. He wants to know everything, his thirst for knowledge is so insatiable that people generally are at their wits and about it. Therefore they mostly choose the easy way, and simply force the child to be silent and to onlt learn what we group up and consider useful for the child.

And to do so…we destroy spontaneous interest.

Learning then becomes a tidious and tiresome business. The result is all sorts of deviations in the child’s personality. It should be realizes that genuine interest cannot be forced.

Therefore all methods based on centres of interest, which have been chosen by adults, are wrong. Moreover, these centres of interest are superfluous, for the child is interested in everything.

A global vision of cosmic events facinates the child and his inerests will soon remain fixed on one particular part as a starting point for more intensive studies. As all parts are related, they will all be scrutinized sooner or later. Thus, the child will develop a kind of philosophy, which teaches him the unity of the universe.

This is the very thing to organize his intelligence, and to give him a better insight into his own place and task in the world and at the same time presenting a chance for the development of his creative energy”.cosmic,education,love,understanding,freedom,connected,together,montessori,maria

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