The Firts Plane 3 – 6

By the end of the first plane of development, the child should have constructed him/her self as individual entity. Now the child is a member of the group and should have had the opportunity to work individually.

The “Casa dei Bambini” should provide the child with “the keys to the world”. The world is made out of qualities and facts, which are represented in the “Casa dei Bambini”.

  • The teacher presents the point of interest and the child chooses when he is ready for performance.
  • The sensorial materials provide the child with the keys to the world.
  • It allows the child to work again and again, to repeat until the mind is able to make the abstraction

During the second sub stage, the child needs to be helped to…

  • gain more and more control of him self and his activities.
  • gain greater power of equilibrium and instinct.
  • be exposed to more and more challenges.
  • to reach the final state, the total control of movement.

The five main points in “Practical life”

  1. Real life
  2. Culturally appropriate
  3. No fantasy play
  4. Grace and courtesy
  5. Movement

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