The Four Planes of Development III

At the age of three, a new consciousness appears clearly and fully. It is as though the child’s life is beginning again, but this time as a “conscious creator”. The child now wants to master his or her environment and exercise his/her will. The child is always busy doing something with his/her hands, guided by intelligence. `

  • The first and third planes are times of great creativity, construction and transformation of the human.
  • The second and fourth planes are whole periods of consolidation of the preceding periods. It is a time when the child more firmly establishes, uses and enlarges upon the skills they have learned. The fourth is also when the child is in training for and working on identifying his life work as well as becoming a part of society. We have all of our teeth, by age twenty- four.

The first stage of development is the stage of the absorbent mind. It is a very powerful time of construction and self-adaptation to the Child’s time, place and culture.

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