DUBAI – Global Education & Skill Forum 1

It has been some weeks now that I have had the honour to participate in the Global Education & Skills Forum: I am one of the VTA’s now, Varkey Teacher Ambassador, being part of a group of 250 people that have made it under the last 50 teachers in the Global Teacher Prize during the last 5 years. The experience was a fantastic one. I have met many different people from all over the world. Teachers who want to do the right thing, just like I want to do it too. 

The first two days, we had our VTA summit. We got to know each other and spent some time to find out about each other’s projects and achievements. Very nice and inspiring. The second half was the Global education & Skill Forum summit. There too, many more people from all over the world, fantastic location and just the right weather. 

The sessions were very interesting, half on EdTech and the other half on general education. Interesting. Indeed, great ideas, yet sometimes a bit of beating around the bush. Sometimes, I don’t want to be arrogant, I have the impression that the essence of education gets overrun by the way of how to grade, uniform and meet the standards way of educating, well, teaching. Nobody spoke in-depth about the importance of child development, about the child in the moment of growth and discovery. I thought that that was rather sad. Problems are easy to put on the table, yet the prevention of these, by the sheer understanding of the child, was not put to the forefront.

But anyway, very interesting people, people with influence, leaders and decision makers. All present.

I am very happy that I had the chance to go and I hope I will be able to go again, we’ll see. :

One Comment on “DUBAI – Global Education & Skill Forum 1

  1. Ed Tech and General Ed are an excellent beginning and very interesting frameworks from which to ask the question, “what is my student thinking!?” I would like to graft your ideas about the importance of watching a child grow and Murray’s ideas about prewriting into my ideas about time, creative recovery and our deepest human need, to be seen. Imagination is more important than knowledge, because it increases our knowledge, triggers our curiosity and sparks creativity. When it comes from what makes us different can motivate learning. People learn by thinking about and making things that are important and useful to them. As you mentioned, the greatest problem in education is how to motivate students, meet standards and still enjoy teaching.  Lave & Wanger emphasize the value of apprenticeship, which echoes Montessori’s philosophy and encourages what you call “guided failure” within a safe learning environment or what I call “a creative container”. Why is it that learning takes place in a support group (a non traditional classroom setting) where there is no direct instruction? Knowledge is created and a social activity!

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