During these times of COVID-19, education is in its most un-usual situation ever exposed to. For all parties, parents, students and teachers, this circumstance is a steep learning curve, that has to have been managed in a short amount of time. What is astonishing, is the sheer fact, that we, as humans can adapt to this kind of situation in a rather fast and consistent manner. We are able to meet he need, that is needed. Being in that position myself, like many of us, I came up with an image, a visual representation of that situation. It is as if you had a car, a car that you always had and were happy to have, using it conveniently, maintaining and taking care of it, so that it is and will be there for you, during all and every day. But now, one of the wheels ‘fell’ off, and out of four, only three are left. , Unexpected, abrupt and unforeseen. What to do now? As life is by times throwing hurdles in our way we know, that that can happen, agreed. So nevertheless, the spear tire is there, I can exchange, use it for a certain length of time, be a bit upset, disrupted by that situation, but the solution is there, an easy to solve problem, no worries. But now, there is no spear tire, no support and I am confronted with a moment of ‘how will I support my car to continue smoothly’? This is was is happening right now. What will take the place of the fourth wheel? What is supporting the car, for that the journey will continue as smoothly as it was before. One needs to be creative, solutions need to be found and a lot of help and support is needed.

To complete the picture. The fourth wheel is the school environment in case that wasn’t clear. The stability of the school environment breaks away, home situation changes, mentors, teachers and councillors are not as reachable any more as they have been in a normal situation, hence the fourth wheel is missing.

Technology is now needed more than before to keep up a certain normality. Primarily to stay in touch and give, as much as possible the support the children need. Academically but most of all emotionally. They need to know, that even if the fourth wheel is missing at this out-of-the-ordinary moment, we will carve a wheel out of wood, or any other material, just to be sure that the car can continue, even so slowly as slowly can be. It needs to be steady, consistent, and accountable on. It is the feeling of being taken-care-of. That is what is important for the students and also the parents.

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