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During these times of COVID-19, education is in its most un-usual situation ever exposed to. For all parties, parents, students and teachers, this circumstance is a steep learning curve, that has to have been managed in a short amount of time. What is astonishing,… Continue Reading “SCHOOOL”


You never know…


I was wondering; to what point a teacher can tell a child, student that he/she is disappointed? Isn’t the ‘disappointment’ the privilege of the parent(s)? To what extend has a teacher the right to use this emotional state of mind to teach children? And… Continue Reading “Disappointment”



The use of a calculator – isolation of difficulty

Within the set-up of a secondary classroom, children age 11, 12, 13 the use of a calculator should be seen as the support to a full understanding  of the “concept” at hand. By times, the focus should not be held on finding the answer… Continue Reading “The use of a calculator – isolation of difficulty”

Art in action 3

Art in action 2



Thoughts cont.

Do you follow the child or is the child following you. Do you support the child’s personal development or is the child following your ideal thought of development ? Do you help the child to be able to help him/herself or do you help… Continue Reading “Thoughts cont.”