Back to the prepared environment… It is the key, the beginning and educational opportunity to introduce these two aspects of ‘role and responsibility’. If that aspect, the environment is prepared, for that the child, (starting at early ages, from birth to adolescent) .

If the role and responsibility is introduced through a prepared environment, that the chid is able to make the right decisions, play an important part in that ‘society’, to do the right thing is a given, explained b y itself.

The environment sets the limits, the environment defines your role.

The role of being a careful, helpful and collaborative member of the environment.

The environment sets the guidelines (external order, what leads to internal order, … but that’s a topic for later) , the environment defines your responsibility.

( Look at yourself, you are the/an adult, of course there are some who like or better do not care about a messy state in the house/apartment. BUT, deep down, there is always the/a restless and uncomfortable feeling… that can be a disorder, the hoarding disorder, also known as compulsive hoarding disorder what is characterised by the excessive acquisition of and/or the inability or unwillingness to dispose large quantities or objects).

But let’s not elaborate that right now.

The prepared environment helps a/the child to establish order. Order is  “Maria Montessori said: … nature endows a child with a sensitiveness to order. It is a kind of inner sense that distinguishes the relationships between various objects rather than te objects themselves. … Such an environment provides the foundation for an integrated life.”  The Secret of Childhood.

So we can help the child to establish in internal order, that then (hopefully) will translate to an external order. What can/will help to make the right decisions, identify relationships, help to create a harmonious society.

(Important is, to NOT confuse the role and responsibility with RULES. That is something else. That is the invention of mankind to help the confused. Unfortunate yet necessary…)

How to help the children… be a good, positive and ‘true to yourself’ role model, let the children reflect, ask constructive questions and don’t be judgemental but critical.

Help the children to become critical thinkers, … as simple as showing them hgat every coin has two sides…

Help them to define their role in this/their society/environment (the older the more verbal), help the to define their responsibility in this/their society (the older the more verbal), BUT you are the example, be a positive one, forelive what is right, don’t be cross when mistakes are made, help them to find the right solution, be there for them (at any age).

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