At any age, that is right, but what is it, the role and what is it the responsibility? Let’s look at the role…

The role is the way one has to, needs to is allowed to and has the right to act within his or her society, also environment. It is you given right, to be what you are. If you are a 3 year old, or a two year old, who starts to explore the environment (often simplified as terrible 2’s), that is the given right of the child to do so,…

That needs to be respected, allowed and supported… (some people might sigh, and roll their eyes, nevertheless. ) , that is a law of nature, that you will find throughout the different stages in the life of a child ( In Montessori terms defined as the four planes of development).

The role of a child is to be a child. AND within a prepared environment, this role will be and actually is supported to flourish according to the needs of the child. At any state of the child’s development, the environment needs to be prepared, for that the child has a full support.

That will allow the child to full fill it’s role. (preparation to become a member of society)

All this will help to develop internal and eternal order. Order that helps the child to become a critical thinker and decision maker. He/she will be able to identify relationships and patterns. Patterns that help to think logical.

So if we as adults respect the role of the child, at ay stage of its development, we help in the right direction.

That will then bring us to the responsibility.

This is linked to the behaviour. Obedience (Montessori elaborated that within the three levels of obedience).

Also, children need to be responsible towards themselves, the others, and the environment. This is a process that can take a bit of time (sometimes a lifetime).

Once they are allowed to be, be the role that they can, need and are allowed to be, they have the time and space to learn their responsibilities.

The environment, the prepared environment does help to support this development.

Therefore, once the child is allowed to define its role, the responsibility is   a logical conclusion.

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