Sandpaper Letters

Preparation of mind and hand

The preparation of writing must be, twofold. The preparation of the hand and the mind in order to be able to communicate, the mind must contain an idea being those communications and an intellectual ability to form the ideas into words. If the hand is not prepared, the ideas expressed in writing will not be understood or legible.

Hopefully written language begins in the casa. With the sandpaper letters and the movable alphabet, give the children the tools to analyze language into component sound and make them visible.

Showing the symbol raises the conscious even more. The child discovers that we have a language, which we can speak, and we can make that language visible with the sandpaper letters, movable alphabet, pencil and paper, or chalk and chalk board. Through these media we can share our ideas with other people. Using the movable alphabet allows the child to prepare the mind for writing. Even if he or she has not gains the control of a writing implement. The movable alphabet is the first mean to make a whole though visible and can be done before the child can read. It is important to go beyond three and four letter words as quickly as possible, top make a child understand that they can write any word they hear. No corrections should be made when the child is expressing him with the movable alphabet. The mistakes the children make should be your guide to what type of lesson in language you can give some other time. ex  phonograms.

As soon as the child knows most of the sandpaper letters and can compose simple words, with the movable alphabet, give the children lots of practice in composing words and sentences. When a child comes to tell you something, tell her that top make it with movable alphabet instead. It is important that he children have lots of practice expressing them in this way.

The significance of the sandpaper letters in primary is that they isolate the sounds and prepare for writing through the tracing of the form. This tracing must be continuously repeated. The adult must express this through examples.

They continue touching prepares the imprint of the kinesthetic memory.

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