APRIL21 #1

COVID, COVID FUCKING COVID and all its also mutations. Could it also be called evolution? One wonders, and wonders and, yep, no answers. Could one compare the development of this virus to the development of .. us or any other animal? Because in a sense, it is a living organism too? Am I right?? Doesn’t this virus also have the utter Will of survival? And will do anything to survive and make more of themselves? In a way it looks like it… scary, but true…Now we sit here and hope that it actually will come to an end. A month ago it seemed like it, spring has sprung, (even though, it feels like t doesn’t get warmer) and that virus will slowly start to disappear…BUT, NO, it decides to mutate and just changes its way of being… hence, evolution, become stronger, more powerful?? I generally just hope that we, us humans will be able to overcome that phase, moment or(do we need to call it) adaptation.  (to be continued)

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