What does it mean to reflect? Reflection is an image that you can see in a mirror or in glass or water. So in a way, you mirror your thoughts, within your inner mirror, glass or water.  Isn’t it? You reflect, think, and contemplate. Maybe that is or better should be done much more. Stay, be and act humble… That is only possible when performing the right amount of reflection.

Somehow it feels like that it will come to an end (or is this only wishful thinking)

… this strange situation, … that … “where does that come from” virus,… apparently given to us by nature, a nature’s experiment? or flaw?

Is it nature that has decided to give that to humankind, to give us that type of challenge? OR Is it humankind that gave this challenge to its own kind? Questions after questions and so far, no answers.

Well, one answer to the problem is the vaccination(s). I hope that that will work, next to a respectful and humble behaviour that should be a normality . Without that, nothing will work. Entitled and selfish we are, always looking for the greener grass.

It sounds very pessimistic, rather negative indeed, but being happy and comfortable is important, and obviously in our nature and therefore is the thought and idea of all of humanity to be happy and joyful… nevertheless, blood is thicker and kin the certainty of continuation… Hence, humility is often placed in the second row.

What, to be honest, is understandable but could by times be reflected upon more profoundly.


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