MAY 21 #1

Middle of May it is. Guess what, I have gotten my Vaccination appointment, next week, so all is fine, I will see what that will be like… anyway, step one of that process.

Previously I spoke about the virus and have left a question mark with metabolism. Here the answer (from my friend) “ Metabolism is a biochemical reaction that takes place in the cells of the body. It answers to the need of the body towards any/all the moments for 24 hours. It keeps the body functioning, maintaining the balance that is needed. (homeostasis)”.

I have rediscovered my archives, and have added them in form of a category dropdown menu at the bottom of the blog, in case you are interested, it is a lot about Montessori theory and thoughts from the past, FYI…

Coming back to the vaccination topic. What I do not understand is why people, adults, doctors, politicians, are so keen on getting our children from 12 to 18 vaccinated? Is that necessary? Is the population from 18+ not sufficient?

I am interested in thoughts.

I have the impression that that, will be or better is a simple money-making scenario. I agree with the (us elderly) but the upcoming future? As far as I have understood, they are not really affected, and yes, they are transporters, hence can infect others, us elderly, and that can cause a problem, BUT since we all are vaccinated, (well, we will be, and some do not want to be anyway) there should not be the need to pump up the younger ones too.

What’s next? We will vaccinate 6 to 12? 3 to 6?

Anyway…, just wondering where all of that will lead to.

We should rather focus on making them into critical thinkers, responsible decision makers to avoid further unnecessary ‘pandemics’ based upon a utter care free behaviour and life style. I guess that would be much more beneficial than pumping them up with drugs.

All that might not have been … and to continuously blame it on a bat, which couldn’t care less about us humans is absolutely lame.

But who am I and what do I know…?

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