But what is a new normal? What do we understand as normal? One year ago, it started that this new reality has become a big part in every ones life.

So before was normal?

Or have we ,us humans overstretched, saturated our possibilities and hence abilities? Now all came to a stop or simply slowed down…

… time to reflect?

Maybe some took that opportunity to do so, maybe some rethought the need of an exhausted and entitled lifestyle. Who knows, we will see once this situation is declared as over.

But will it be ever?

Maybe that is the new normal… Maybe the mask, that was always eye-balled with a grin, when seen in Asian counties, will be accepted as a new normal, a new reality and precociousness in our daily life. Maybe people will start to live more conscious and more aware of their actions, balance their needs more selective and become more critical about themselves and then their society around.

The new normal could be to not exhaust what we have and to not take it all for granted.

This is a unique opportunity to educate and help our children to understand the necessity of being there for each other. As we say, you need to take care of yourself, the others, and your environment.

Maybe all this, this situation will bring it to a larger consciousness within our new, yet to be adults that hopefully will look back at this moment intime and can say to have learnt from this, to make the right decisions in the future.

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