New year, new adventures, new and old challenges.The whole world is confronted wita new and different reality, a realty only Hollywood has run up and down their vivid imagination. Who would have thought?… There were the wars, the natural catastrophes and now, the virus that keeps everyone on their toes. Fear, of the known yet unknown is directing the worlds populations’ daily, weekly, monthly, and it looks a lot like yearly life. Educators, parents, and anybody that is involved in education faces a out of the ‘comfort-zone’ situation. I always wonder what would have been done 20 years ago, even 10 when the digital world was not yet as developed as it is now. OK, skype, could, would have been an option, but…? Even the amount of data that is used, would not have been any option 20 or 10 years ago.

Anyway, it is what it is and one goes along and does his or her best. I guess we need to be honest and include this reality in our future way of being. Hopefully the vaccinations will help and the situation will find a more healthy balance and hopefully we can maintain this balance in a regulated and manageable manner.

Time will bring answers, strong will and endurance is important. Overall, we can be happy that we can help our children to continue being educated during these kind of times. I know it is not the ideal scenario but with a positive attitude, it should be possible. So lets hope that it will all come to an end and we can go back to a new normal… based on what we know from the past.

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