APRIL 21 #2

Here we are again, … I have received some additional information regarding the statement/question of “Because in a sense, it is a living organism too?”

A friend of mine, a biologist, gave me the following explanation/thought or reasoning. Maybe that is helpful information, because it lays it out in an understandable manner… I think… Here it is. FYI…
“A Virus is not a living organism.

Living organisms do reproduce, yet a virus need other living organisms, hence cells to be able to ” reproduce”;It  depends on other living organisms to ” reproduce” and therefore is incapable to do it by itself as an entity, even lacking a metabolism. (what is as metabolism?)and therefore also depending on other cells.

A virus is NOT a cell yet a kind of ” zombie”.  

It makes the host cells produce what it needs. They use, or even better, abuse the reproductive mechanism of a cell to MAKE reproduce their DNA.

In this way, the virus reproduces consciously in a fast manner.

Of course, during such ” copy making” activity, errors can happen and genetic codes might change.

Those  new results, that then are than able to enter into new cells, able to bypass eisting immunity systems, reactions or even vaccines, will infect  people, and occupy millions of NEW cells, as their hosts.

 Being so successful is one of the reasons, why it is so difficult to combat viruses. They reproduce fast, changing genetic codes in order to spread out to the utmost possible.

From that point of view, they play an important role in the evolution of cells and organisms, hence living organism.”

Anyway, It sums it up … simplified … but all in all, that’s off the record.

In my case, I am still waiing for my vaccination. I guess it’ll happen in the next weeks. Even though, being one of the lucky fellows to be “blessed” with Multiple Sclerosis, until now, the actual fact of being in the high-risk category is not at all a reason for the doctors here to give you a little priority. One might wonder why, because there are many many many, that are also considered in the high-risk category, I agree, nevertheless, as I was told, high risk is definable, negotiable and in that moment not relevant. Therefore, here, in the state of Vlanderen, Belgium, all based on the order of age. It is what it is.

All was, is good until know, and I guess that it will be further on, but deep down it bothers me.

 Solidarity is questionable, but again, everybody has his or her own baggage to carry, some is heavier, some is lighter. One thing is sure though, I would not want to change it. Not for anything in the world, to carry someone else’s baggage.

So time will bring the ‘solution’ or better vaccination, patience is demanded and as it was done until now, being careful and protect one self. (in that case, myself 😊)

Long story short, as people, scientists say, Corona was ‘made’ to stay, so let’s get used to it and adapt or better arrange and organise ourselves.

Y’all take care of yourself and the others.

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