# 123 GLIMPS

“Unlock your child’s full potential with Montessori Education, which recognizes three distinct planes of development. The first plane, from birth to age six, focuses on the development of the senses, language, and coordination through hands-on learning and exploration. The second plane, from ages six to twelve, focuses on developing the child’s imagination, curiosity, and social skills through independent and collaborative learning. The third plane, from ages twelve to eighteen, focuses on the development of critical thinking, independence, and leadership skills through real-world experiences and mentorship. At our Montessori school, we provide a nurturing environment that supports your child’s growth through each of these developmental stages. Come visit us and discover how Montessori Education can prepare your child for a lifetime of success. #MontessoriEducation #ThreePlanesOfDevelopment #HandsOnLearning #Imagination #CriticalThinking #LeadershipSkills”

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