Mario Montessori said: “…the prepared environment should…reflect that amount of organization and order necessary for community to function properly”.

There are similarities betwenn the Primary/Children’s House and the Elementary/Primary environments:

  1. order
  2. ecstatic
  3. clearly defined workspace
  4. inclusion of plants and animals

Both environments serve the needs of each child and provides for the manifestation of the tendencies for each plane.

3 to 6

  • Contains anything needed for the development within a safe and protected environment.
  • The adult/teacher sets the ground rules for maintenance and preservation of the environment.
  • The adult needs to gradually show and make them understand the the rules so they can implement them themselves.

6 to 12

  • The childrenneed both, classroom and the outside world to fullfill their needs.
  • The adult/teacher together with the children form and build the rules for the maintenance and preservation of the environment.
  • The children practice and gradually take more and more responsibility.