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This is a book that was offered to me by a friend at school. I need to say that it is a interesting and fascinating booklet. “Practical Geometrical Constructions”. Indeed the things you are shown are flabbergasting and have a solid ´WOW`effect. It is an interesting guide for Nomenclature, that you can use additional to your Nomenclature that is available in a Montessori classroom. I need to say that for a lower elementary child, the handling of a compass is often challenging enough (and that  does by times last until secondary) yet this could be something that the teacher can construct, next to a small group of children, like a presentation, to show what is possible to construct.

I think it is fascinating. It could be a springboard for exploration along regular polygons, equilateral triangles etc. The designing of shapes with a compass can and is indeed a special sort of art. Plus, there is no better way to explore and learn those different names of shapes and all the additional terminologies that need to be known within the geometrical realm.

I can recommend that little book. It is a sweet little addition to your albums and other resources.

bildschirmfoto-2016-12-04-um-19-53-22Here you can see the ISBN number in case you are interested.


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Participation in every day life develops a feeling of worthiness in a person called upon to share it in an  active way. Children become not only users of the world in which they live, but also producers.

The basic experience of being able to change and transform the environment gives the person a feeling of personal worth that remains forever. “I am worth something” is added to the previous feeling that is “I can do things”, and then becomes “I can do important things”.

Quote: Silvana Montanaro

Are we going far or not far enough

After all these years as a Montessori teacher I came to the understanding that the albums that one creates, studies and internalizes are after all a base to build upon.

In this particular case I am talking about upper elementary 5th or 6th grade.

If children decide to execute a study on i.e. electrical energy, renewable energy, end up with wind power and want to read, learn or study more about wind turbines, where do they start?

Well there are various factors to look upon, such as, how does the motor work, how is it set up etc. But these are technical facts. That is one side. The other side would be, where are they placed  and what are the reasons for that?

I actually want to make the link to the Montessori Albums and look upon the chapter of air and wind. By simply focusing on these chapters, the children have a preliminary introduction to the source of the power, why it actually is renewable.

Along, they will see how winds function upon the planet and how the interfere around the planet, are once more introduced to the seasons, northern and southern hemisphere etc. Thanks to these facts and figures,  the question of where you can mainly find wind turbines will be answered automatically and can  be checked after to verify if these realizations and observations fit with the reality.

This way, the step to ask Google is taken away in the first instance  and that whole process is slowed down.

We should avoid that a study is commenced with the visit of a computer. This is one example yet there are more. Especially in the science and geographical area.


Geometry as a window to your inner self

The three fundamental shapes in geometry

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-13-19-42The relationships between these three shapes are fascinating and endless. Just like your inner self.

The complexity of these geometrical shapes, the simplicity is challenging.

This shape is an ideal springboard for students to start a geometrical experience and is opening doors throughout the chapter. One can link various aspects and relations to these three objects, this picture. The nomenclature has its beginning in this image and can be transposed to further aspects. Once the right language, terminologies are in place, furthermore can be given, built upon, extracted and created to proceed deeper.

Even the use of tools that are needed for geometry can be introduced by creating this image. Ruler, protractor, compass and pencil are needed to create. These tools will be following the students throughout their career and be needed all the time.


Screen shot 2016-08-21 at 14.43.00

Hello again, here is another sheet that I want to share with you. I have collected these facts, and used them in the class room as extension work or second period work after the children have been introduced to an atlas and how to use one. These lists are ideal to be used with the pin maps. this will give the children the opportunity to have some facts that they have to find.

They build their understanding of the world, continents or countries. FYI, it will not take away their exploration, rather add on. And they are a great point of interest and good to know. In this particular one, the 12 longest rivers of the world, the lengths are missing. A good continuation after having discoverd them on a map, to look for the lengths of each,… Interdisciplinary follow-up works can be aligned with these facts.


Screen shot 2016-08-21 at 16.27.06


Ii is so important to have a basic, good understanding of geographical facts and figures. To know you way around, be able to have a visual understanding, some have it naturally, but that as well, like all other skills can be learned.

I have a couple of fun facts that are fbascinating for elementary children. They love to look them up in an atlas, find them and contemplate. Enjoy …

Screen shot 2016-08-10 at 15.35.23

Thoughts about what is, has been and will be …

People say that there is a song for any kind of situation, mood or moment you are in… we live by listening to pre-written songs and project them onto our ‘in-that-moment’ situation and hold on to that tune, melodie and most of all lyrics… It is time that you write your own song(s), use your own emotions, feelings and thoughts … will there be a song, tune, melodie or lyrics? … probably not,…’cause – life is no pop song, one needs to stay real and face the feeds the past, create your own tune of your present and add the positive tunes, melodies and thoughts for the future…. the future is what needs to be focused on…