Education in Relation to Psychic Development

Education in Relation to Psychic Development

If there will be a divorce between hands and the head, then there will be the head that suffers.”.

You have to create a culture that they get a value (the adolescents).

Animal is a body, in contrast man has a spirit within the body (only to produce the spirit). Valarisation is beginning aware of one`s capabilities, assets as well as weakness. This awareness comes from within and is not what someone ascribes you. It is due to growth through ones own work.

Mario Montessori said about the Human Tendencies:

“So you see, what was the difference between animal and man? The animal was a body with just that small amount of ‘Will’, that was sufficient to serve the body. In contrast, Man had a puny body – but a great spirit. One might express the essential difference between Man and animal by saying that Man has a ‘Will’, which has a body at its disposal, whilst the animals have a body, which had a ‘Instinct’ at their disposal.

In man the spirit was the important part. The body was there only to produce the instrument this spirit might from time to time require. In man it was the spirit that guided, not the body. And that spirit had a life and needs of its own”.

What is the difference between animal and men, animal has the sufficient ‘Instinct’ to survive. Men has the ‘Will’ to go beyond simple survival. Humans have developed a greater understanding. One important aspect is ‘valorisation’.

J.H. “Valorisation is beginning to become aware of one’s capabilities, assets as well as weaknesses. This awareness comes from within and is not what someone ascribes you. It is due to growth through one’s own work, a succession of achieving different levels of independence in correspondingly suitable environments. It is heading toward maturity and coordination of all one’s potentialities:

 To think of education in light of valorisation of the personality, by education will then be meant the making it possible for personality to develop as a real asset in human society and each individual’s own awareness of that”.

There is an example that can be stressed.


The big question is, is there anything that fits all at the same time?

Doctors don’t treat all the patients at the same time either. We know, that all the diseases are either different, have a different degree of severances and hence need to be handled differently, looked upon from different angles.

That is the same with all the children. Too many teachers see the concept of teaching as being strictly about subject matter, not about knowing who adolescents are, how they learn, what they want to learn, and how they feel.

 Treating everyone alike differently. Are there any situations in life where “one size fits all”.

The spirit is also behind the work. When it has achieved, it satisfied by your needs, then you get spirit. This the students experience of a long time.

The freedom to go to your own work, is the most important thing to your child

. No one can teach something like reading, walking, this only the child can learn by himself. J

Since we look at the psyche as a motor to develop soul, mind and spirit. It should be considered that “Psychic development should be the highest purpose of education.

However, today in a push for a standardized, content-driven curriculum there is little room for activities that are not directly related to the acquisition of content knowledge.

 Spending time in school on the psychic development often comes into direct conflict with content mastery”. That is where Cosmic Education has an impact in Montessori education.

Cosmic education is the continuation of the development of the ‘Will’. Children are brought from the whole to the detail. Within they are exposed to the outside and brought to putting themselves into the ‘shoes of someone else’. This continues to support and develop their mind, their global understanding of their environment that now enlarges itself to the world around them. This is becoming to be an aid to do it right. This strengthens their decision making towards the situations and answers that need to be resolved.

Once the know the truth we need to help to like the truth

They don’t want to know ‘How am I good’. They want to know ‘How good amI ’. One can see that “Many schools have developed comprehensive approaches to teaching character strengths, and in many schools teachers are talking to their students more than ever about character and morality. There has unfortunately been a shift away from moral education to an education in decision making in which teachers and students engage in open-ended discussions of moral dilemmas. It is being assumed that students can learn to make good moral decisions without bothering to acquire moral habits or strength of character. This doesn’t work. You can’t teach morality the way you teach math. Students can’t learn about the quadratic formula without ever mentioning it. However, for example, students can learn the virtue of self-control without ever talking about it. Psychic development is more a product of the child’s environment. This is certainly true in early childhood. We have learned much about the adverse environments have on children’s early development. This is equally true for the adolescent”. Jenny Höglund said: “The independence of being able to think and know for oneself is important as well independence when it comes to morality. We want the children to establish a conscience and thus be able to evaluate behaviour from a moral or ethical point of view. To help the children achieve moral independence is not to impose a set of principles upon   them, but to help them develop their powers of reflection. The children need to be informed about the possibilities and options so they can think for themselves and be aware of their attitudes and orientation in life”. . Learning to know the truth. Learning to love the truth. Learning to live the truth.Ability to control oneself is intimately related to moral action. At times we must take a particular action in order to achieve some (moral) end. At other times we must be able to inhibit certain actions”.



2 Comments on “Education in Relation to Psychic Development

  1. You wrote: “You have to create a culture that they get a value”

    You have to create a culture that they get a value because it grows creativity, individually and collectively! Knowledge is created and a social activity!

  2. On a different note, but perhaps related, Jeffrey Wilhelm’s book, “You Gotta BE the Book”, raises an important question: ‘How to stop (traditional) school culture from crushing innovation!’ Wilhelm says veteran teachers need to protect, apprentice and encourage vitality and risk-taking from new teachers. We do it with our children, why not with each other!?

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