Month: August 2016



Hello again, here is another sheet that I want to share with you. I have collected these facts, and used them in the class room as extension work or second period work after the children have been introduced to an atlas and how to… Continue Reading “FUN GEOGRAPHICAL FACTS 2”


Ii is so important to have a basic, good understanding of geographical facts and figures. To know you way around, be able to have a visual understanding, some have it naturally, but that as well, like all other skills can be learned. I have… Continue Reading “FUN GEOGRAPHICAL FACTS”

Maria Montessori

Thoughts about what is, has been and will be …

People say that there is a song for any kind of situation, mood or moment you are in… we live by listening to pre-written songs and project them onto our ‘in-that-moment’ situation and hold on to that tune, melodie and most of all lyrics…… Continue Reading “Thoughts about what is, has been and will be …”

EJ goes Facebook

Hello again, Below you see my Facebook adress ,   Please do not hesitate to click and have a look, like it too if you want… I will have some interesting things on there too, and don’t be shy to contact me… Thought… Continue Reading “EJ goes Facebook”