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Hello again, here is another sheet that I want to share with you. I have collected these facts, and used them in the class room as extension work or second period work after the children have been introduced to an atlas and how to use one. These lists are ideal to be used with the pin maps. this will give the children the opportunity to have some facts that they have to find.

They build their understanding of the world, continents or countries. FYI, it will not take away their exploration, rather add on. And they are a great point of interest and good to know. In this particular one, the 12 longest rivers of the world, the lengths are missing. A good continuation after having discoverd them on a map, to look for the lengths of each,… Interdisciplinary follow-up works can be aligned with these facts.


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Ii is so important to have a basic, good understanding of geographical facts and figures. To know you way around, be able to have a visual understanding, some have it naturally, but that as well, like all other skills can be learned.

I have a couple of fun facts that are fbascinating for elementary children. They love to look them up in an atlas, find them and contemplate. Enjoy …

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Thoughts about what is, has been and will be …

People say that there is a song for any kind of situation, mood or moment you are in… we live by listening to pre-written songs and project them onto our ‘in-that-moment’ situation and hold on to that tune, melodie and most of all lyrics… It is time that you write your own song(s), use your own emotions, feelings and thoughts … will there be a song, tune, melodie or lyrics? … probably not,…’cause – life is no pop song, one needs to stay real and face the feeds the past, create your own tune of your present and add the positive tunes, melodies and thoughts for the future…. the future is what needs to be focused on…