Are we going far or not far enough

After all these years as a Montessori teacher I came to the understanding that the albums that one creates, studies and internalizes are after all a base to build upon.

In this particular case I am talking about upper elementary 5th or 6th grade.

If children decide to execute a study on i.e. electrical energy, renewable energy, end up with wind power and want to read, learn or study more about wind turbines, where do they start?

Well there are various factors to look upon, such as, how does the motor work, how is it set up etc. But these are technical facts. That is one side. The other side would be, where are they placed  and what are the reasons for that?

I actually want to make the link to the Montessori Albums and look upon the chapter of air and wind. By simply focusing on these chapters, the children have a preliminary introduction to the source of the power, why it actually is renewable.

Along, they will see how winds function upon the planet and how the interfere around the planet, are once more introduced to the seasons, northern and southern hemisphere etc. Thanks to these facts and figures,  the question of where you can mainly find wind turbines will be answered automatically and can  be checked after to verify if these realizations and observations fit with the reality.

This way, the step to ask Google is taken away in the first instance  and that whole process is slowed down.

We should avoid that a study is commenced with the visit of a computer. This is one example yet there are more. Especially in the science and geographical area.


Geometry as a window to your inner self

The three fundamental shapes in geometry

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-13-19-42The relationships between these three shapes are fascinating and endless. Just like your inner self.

The complexity of these geometrical shapes, the simplicity is challenging.

This shape is an ideal springboard for students to start a geometrical experience and is opening doors throughout the chapter. One can link various aspects and relations to these three objects, this picture. The nomenclature has its beginning in this image and can be transposed to further aspects. Once the right language, terminologies are in place, furthermore can be given, built upon, extracted and created to proceed deeper.

Even the use of tools that are needed for geometry can be introduced by creating this image. Ruler, protractor, compass and pencil are needed to create. These tools will be following the students throughout their career and be needed all the time.