Contributions to the adolescent community

The major responsibilities I have to ensure the integrity of the adolescent community that I will be teaching in. Additionally, I will state my major concerns regarding this endeavour.

Maria Montessori said: “We must make it possible for the individual to be free and independent. The key to this complex problem is to furnish means for development of the free personality that have to do with the environment as well. The environment must promote not only the freedom of the individual, but also the formation of a society” (Montessori, The Education of the Individual, 2015. p. 18)

My major contribution to the adolescent community will be based on respecting their sensitive periods of dignity, justice and social and economic independence. The environment will be prepared in the right way to meet their needs. They shall have the opportunity to develop their sensitive periods along their personal growth. I will support this growth, being an additional material, they need to construct themselves. As a guide in their environment, Personal contact is extremely important and that I will be teaching  how to use their energy to improve them, the environment, so that they realize that the cornerstone of education is the development of the human personality. Personality grows best in the right environment. It is the environment that will that fosters independence. It is all about the independence that will be offered to them. Within the environment they become socially independent, reach a sense of collaboration and dignity. I will provide them the opportunity to develop their dignity in becoming economical independent. They will learn to tke care of them selves in multiple manners, take care of the others, being respectful, helpful, caring and supportive. With this comes the respectability of the environment. Real work, adult work is offered to them. They will do work that is important and adds to the environment. They will start to produce and create. What gives them the chance to do the exchange, earn money to re-invest I projects that they have.   These study and work projects will help them in their development in becoming an adult. They will learn how to actively contribute to their, our society, becoming an positive, self-sufficient, responsible, caring and respectful adult.

I want to make sure to provide the necessary opportunities for the adolescents in the environment. My role as the adult has a well defined position. For that I want to quote Maria Montessori, who says it all in one paragraph: “In going about his dedicated labours on behalf of the child, the adult must realize above all else that his task concerns a revelation of the child’s soul. […] This work must have a twofold objective: constructing a suitable environment and bringing about a new attitude toward children on the part of adults.” (Education and Peace, Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company, p.72). I would like to construct a society of trust, not a society of fear. A community based upon dignity, integrity and joy with a vision of a greater community.

My ajorconcerns are to establish the ownership that is needed in oder strt the community, mainytain and cherish it. I am also concerned that the children will appreciate the investment I make to establish a harmonious self-functioning community.

To conclude I like to quote again Maria Motessori: “Maria Montessori said “So the first thing his education demands is the provision of an environment in which he can develop the powers given him by nature. This does not mean just to amuse him and let him do as he likes. But it does mean that we have to adjust our minds to doing a work of collaboration with nature, to being obedient  to one of her laws, the law which decrees that development comes from environmental experience.”, (The Absorbent Mind).

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