Day: February 27, 2011

ADHD – What if…

All Dogs Hate Dolphins

ADHD – What if …

Actually Doris Hurt David


All Dudes Have Dhat !

ADHD – All Ducks Hunt Deers

As ridiculous is sounds that ducks hunt deers, I do think that ADHD, known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Dissorder, is a ridiculous ‘invention’ of todays society, to make sure that the side effects of today’s over flow of multimedia and information, is controlled, with… Continue Reading “ADHD – All Ducks Hunt Deers”

Musical Intelligence

What Is Musical Intelligence? Musical intelligence is the capacity to think in music and rhythm. People possessing musical intelligence are considered to have a strong appreciation for music, can easily remember songs and melodies, have an understanding of timbre and composition, can identify differences… Continue Reading “Musical Intelligence”