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Ii is so important to have a basic, good understanding of geographical facts and figures. To know you way around, be able to have a visual understanding, some have it naturally, but that as well, like all other skills can be learned. I have… Continue Reading “FUN GEOGRAPHICAL FACTS”

Thoughts about what is, has been and will be …

People say that there is a song for any kind of situation, mood or moment you are in… we live by listening to pre-written songs and project them onto our ‘in-that-moment’ situation and hold on to that tune, melodie and most of all lyrics…… Continue Reading “Thoughts about what is, has been and will be …”

3 Past 2 Present 1 Future

 Here is a song I wrote … It was written for the show 2016 in my classroom. The music was composed by one of our music teachers. Enjoy readung… 3 PAST, 2 PRESENT, 1 FUTURE VERSE1 So far we have reached sky-high, What´s to… Continue Reading “3 Past 2 Present 1 Future”

RENAISSANCE – Welcome back

Hello again, After a, well rather long break, Educational Journal is back again. A new era will start and there will be plenty of new things to be discovered.  

Where the magic happens …

Quote: Albert Einstein

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its a ablility to climb a tree, it will live  its whole life  believing that it is stupid.

Being spontaneous,   gives the right to make mistakes!!

Open Day ‘International Montessori’ Brussels/Belgium

Montessori Madness

Awesome … It says it all …

Quote/ unknown

Life   is not about how fast you run   or how high you climb   but   how well you bounce!