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# 323 GLIMPS Howard Gardner ~ 8 intelligences

Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist, proposed a theory of multiple intelligences, suggesting that intelligence is not a single, unified concept but instead, is made up of eight different intelligences. These eight intelligences are: According to Gardner, each individual possesses a unique combination of these… Continue Reading “# 323 GLIMPS Howard Gardner ~ 8 intelligences”

As a math teacher

As a math teacher, my primary focus would be on helping my students develop a strong understanding of mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills. I would begin by assessing each student’s level of mathematical proficiency and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. From there, I would… Continue Reading “As a math teacher”

I am one of them: Thoughts …

So why did I apply for the Global Teacher Price? Reading about the outstanding projects of the other candidates, I need to admit, that I do not have such a big project – yet (except my little bookshop). I am “JUST” a teacher. Sitting… Continue Reading “I am one of them: Thoughts …”

Somehow mathematical …

Visual/Spatial Intelligence

This intelligence, which relies on the senses of sight and being able to visualize an object, includes the ability to create internal mental images/pictures.

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence

Often called “scientific thinking”, this intelligence deals with inductive and deductive thinking – reasoning,numbers and the recognition of abstract patterns.

Multiple Intelligences